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Where can the wet PU be applied?

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PU is artificial leather, there are two kinds of artificial leather:One is dry PU,One is wet PU

Do you know where the wet PU can be used? In fact, the wet PU figure in our daily life is very common!

PU is artificial leather, artificial leather is divided into two types

One is dry PU

One is wet PU

Suitable for artificial leather made by wet method: sweatband, handbag, sofa, basketball, football, volleyball, leather case, jacket, raincoat, cold gloves, down jacket, packaging, massage chair, shoe material, furniture, sofa cushion and Interior decoration, etc.


Soft in nature, diverse colors and patterns

Baojian has a factory for producing raw materials. From raw materials to finished products, Baojian always maintains a rigorous, efficient, pragmatic style and high standard of product quality. The design is beautiful and novel, the quality is excellent and stable, the cost performance is high, and the market pricing is popular.

Wet PU:

First, a layer of PU resin is uniformly covered on the textile fiber cloth.

2. The textile fiber cloth covered with PU resin is immersed in a coagulation tank containing water until the PU resin layer is in a semi-solid state.

3. The embossing treatment is performed on the PU resin layer by using a mold having a pattern engraved on the surface.

4. The textile fiber cloth is taken out and entered into the water washing tank to be further matured, that is, a PU synthetic leather having a three-dimensional pattern on the surface is obtained.

Function: It can reduce the production cost of synthetic leather and simplify its production process; and the texture of processed PU synthetic leather has a strong three-dimensional effect, which makes it closer to the natural texture of natural fur.


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